Chef de rang at Beefbar Malta

Provide an exceptional guest service experience.

Job Description

Located in St Paul’s Bay, on Malta’s stunning Mediterranean shoreline, and open from June 6th for this season, ‘Beefbar on the Beach’ takes Malta’s fine dining scene to a new level of understated luxury.

When you work for us you will be working for a Company where the skills and knowledge you gain will be recognised in the industry worldwide.

We’re looking for someone with experience as a Chef de Rang, Waiter, or Waitress, in an upscale or luxury environment. If you have a passion for hospitality, the drive to deliver only the best results, a keen eye for detail and first-class service skills then this may be the place for you.

As Chef de Rang, you will:

  1. Provide an exceptional guest service experience.
  2. Be an excellent communicator and take a hands-on approach to your role.
  3. Have a real passion for food and wine, enabling you to up sell and promote the items by your personal knowledge from the menu.
  4. Be responsible for the management of junior staff and their learning and development.
  5. Be keen to attend training sessions provided by management to develop their skills.
  6. Be a talented individual with proven experience within a comparable environment
  7. Be organised at running a section


Guaranteeing the highest level of guest satisfaction is the focal point of a chef de rang. He commonly greets guests as they arrive if the headwaiter is otherwise engaged. If food items require tableside preparation or presentation, he is often called upon to perform these duties. His job includes clearing tables during and after meals and processing guest payments

Qualities we are looking for:

  1. Excellent attention to detail
  2. Confident, professional and welcoming personality
  3. Impeccable appearance of personal grooming
  4. Proficient in English language

Supervisory skills are needed to direct the lower level wait staff. A chef de rang is required to be organized to keep track of his orders and detail-oriented to be sure each patron’s personal tastes are noted and applied to certain dishes. Clear verbal communication abilities are needed to interact with customers, management, chefs and waitpersons. A good sense of humor and outgoing personality are good character traits for chefs de rang.