Chef at Beefbar

Provide an exceptional experience.


Job description

We are looking for a professional Chef to amaze the guests with excellent cooking according to the Executive Beefbar chef’s recipes and specifications. Your work will be an important factor to the client experience. The ultimate goal is to expand our clientele and reputation to ensure long-term success.



As Chef de Cuisine you will be completely responsible for directing, training, supervising, planning and coordinating, including any projects requested by the owner or Executive Chef. You should be comfortable in leading and managing the kitchen team, and will provide support and training on an ongoing basis. It will be your responsibility to ensure only the highest quality of food for our guests through meticulous consistency, taste and presentation of all dishes. Additionally you will monitor the food inventory on a monthly basis, maintaining proper control of orders and purchases and ensuring that all deliveries are received and handled efficiently and in line with Beefbar standards. You will review the food cost analysis on a daily basis to ensure that it is in line with the budget, with the goal of securing profit margins while maintaining the Corporate image of the Company at all times. You will also oversee the cleanliness and hygiene of all kitchen spaces and procedures.


  1. Minimum five years’ experience in the position
  2. Open to travel / location
  3. Fluent english
  4. International experience in high end restaurants
  5. Eye for detail to achieve operational excellence
  6. With excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
  7. Self driven, creative and guest oriented