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With a concept already introduced in Mexico, Hong Kong and even Tulum, Beefbar is a unique & vibrant culinary destination, created by Riccardo Giraudi.

We are at Beefbar, and not in a steakhouse.

The best meat origins & cuts of the world are carefully selected and then cooked as whole ingredient. Through these exclusive meats, often offered in exclusivity, we sublimate international & local recipes.

Reflection of a cosmopolitan culture, the menu thus presents a selection of street food, tiradito and tartare prepared very lightly & created to be shared. Full of contrasts, Beefbar reveals the rarest meats of the world through popular recipes.The customer doesn’t want to have to choose between elegance and simplicity, or to have to devour a whole cut to satisfy his carnivorous craving.

The Beefbar concept breaks with classic & stiff codes. Through its glamorous architectural lines, Beefbar includes the modern luxury feels and offers a complete and more accessible experience.

Here, luxury is more felt and savored than it is seen.

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